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TEL: 401.467.0007 • FAX: 401.467.5525 •   

Splice Applicators - Model 2000S

The 2000S is designed to run in the Applitek Model 5500 Crimping Press. Other crimping presses might require modifications to the safety guarding. Please call with your press manufactures model number for more information.

M-5500 Crimping Press with Model 2000S Splice Applicator

Model Number: M-5500

Force: 6000 lbs.

Power: 0.75 KW

Wire Range: Up to 10 AWG (6mm)

Length of Crimping Zone: .310 (8mm)

Stroke: 1.57 (40mm)

Shut Height: 5.35 (135.788mm)

Height Adjustment: .020 (0.50mm) total in .001(0.25mm) increments

Cycle Time: Adjustable from 350 ms to 1s

Press Activation: Foot Pedal

Power Supply: 115 - 230 VAC

Dimensions: (L x W x H) 15.7” x 12.6” x 29.5”

Weight: 178 lbs. (80 kg)

Options: 1.18 (30mm) Stroke, Pneumatic Applicator Kit, Crimp Force Monitoring, Terminal Oiler, Paper Winder, Work Light

Model 2000S Splice Applicator