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Does a seal get applied during crimping?

Is the terminal inserted into a housing after crimping?

What direction does the terminal move from the reel to the applicator?

Applicator will be used in what type of crimping press?

Press Manufacturer:*

Model Number:*

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Terminal Information


Wire and Insulation

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Crimp Specification:

 AWG  MM Conductor Crimp
Conductor Crimp
Insulation Crimp
Insulation Crimp

*To insure your applicator is completed as requested and on time the following materials and documentation should be sent to Applitek as soon as possible from placement of purchase order. Lead-times are based on receipt of the above information and required materials.*

A minimum of 500 terminals in strip form packaged so they do not get distorted

A minimum of 15 feet of each wire gauge to be processed

A minimum of 1 housing (if applied)

A minimum of 30 seals (if applied)

Please ship all materials and documentation to:

Applitek Technologies Corporation,160 Georgia Avenue Providence, RI 02905

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(Provide: AWG (English wire gauge), MM (Metric wire gauge), Conductor crimp height/width, Insulation crimp height/width)