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TEL: 401.467.0007 • FAX: 401.467.5525 •   

Applitek Technologies Corporation © 2003 - 2011 •  160 Georgia Avenue, Providence, R.I. 02905, USA

TEL: 401.467.0007 • FAX: 401.467.5525 •   

Many companies are named after their founders. Some are named relative to the business location, such as after the name of a city, state or country. Others are named for the products they manufacture or supply. When APPLITEK was first founded, it seemed an obvious choice for a name - combining "APPLICATOR" and "TECHNOLOGY". However, call it coincidence, or fate, APPLITEK is also an acronym formed by the underlying principles that comprise our business and personal goals:


APPLITEK will be "accessible" to its customers. By definition, "communication" the exchange of information between two individuals. The effeciency of such "communication" is dependent on the "accessibility".


APPLITEK will pursue long term relationships with its customers.


APPLITEK will strive to achieve customer satisfaction through all levels of communication with its customers.


APPLITEK will set the industry "benchmarks" in product design, performance and customer satisfaction.


APPLITEK will strive to continuously improve all facets of its business.


APPLITEK will earn and maintain both "trust" and "credibility" with its customes.


APPLITEK will strive toward perfection in providing the highest quality products and services to the industry.


APPLITEK will seek to improve its knowledge of customers requirements and industry needs, as well as transfer information, whenever possible, to help customers in their pursuit of higher levels of quality products.

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